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2015 Showreel
Fluid Perspectives II

The 2015 showreel was primarily shot digitally with a film section in the middle. it contains some of the raw material used in The Fountain, Tree of Life and recent commercials

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2009 Showreel
Fluid Perspectives I

The Fluid Perspectives showreel from 2009 contains material principally shot on film, including IMAX 15/70, 8/70, and 35mm, with music by Ian Sanderson.

Fluid Movies
Film Projects

“He didn’t want to use computer graphics.
He wanted visual effects to be timeless

Jeremy Dawson - VFX Designer - The Fountain

Fluid Movies
Film Projects

“We saw beautifully vibrant and active reactions that look
remarkably like deep space photography we’ve seen from NASA.

Dan Schrecker - VFX Supervisor - The Fountain

Fluid Movies
Film Projects

“…when Darren had rewritten the script and we were going back in to Warner Bros saying we wanted to make this movie again, Jeff Robinoff told us then that one of the reasons why he’s kept this film alive all this time was in part because of the Parks footage.”
Eric Watson - Producer - The Fountain

Fluid Movies
Film Projects

“Everything in space is organic. I was searching for a guy who
could do something that abstract and we found Image Quest 3D”
Darren Aronofsky - Director - The Fountain

Fluid Movies
Film Projects

“Parks was one of the reasons Warner Bros. greenlit the movie. When Jeff Robinov saw the
test footage we did with Image Quest, I think he got a sense of how unusual this film could be

Darren Aronofsky - Director

The Fountain
Warner Brothers
Director - Darren Aronofsky

Chris and Peter Parks were commissioned by director Darren Aronofsky to produce their special brand of organic fluid effects. In order to make his vision of space timeless, Aronofsky steered clear of traditional computer graphics and instead shot with Chris and Peter over a period of 8 weeks to produce something that was unique and would not age.

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Follow the links below for more information about 'The Fountain' and our unique effects.

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The Fountain VFX

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The Fountain Trailer

The Tree of Life
Fox Searchlight
Director - Terrence Malick

In the 1980's, when Terrence was in the early stages of planning his epic film, he approached Peter Parks to shoot some marine imagery. 30 years later once principal photography was under way he got in contact with Chris to shoot some abstract imagery for the 'Life before birth' and 'Universe before the big bang' sequences.

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Follow the links below for more information about 'The Tree of Life.’

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The Tree of Life Trailer

Voyage of Time: Life's Journey
Director - Terrence Malick

When Terrence Malick returned to some of the themes in The Tree of Life again used Chris and Peter's imagery. The film examines the origins of the universe, the birth of stars and galaxies and the beginning of life on Earth and the Chris Parks Art photography is used to support all of these subjects.
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‘iPhone 7’
Director - Henry Hobson

As part of the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple created a film highlighting some of its key functions. Chris collaborated with Henry Hobson to create unique imagery that matched the key messages which included stereo sound, unique black finish and low light camera ability. It was the first time that Chris had worked purely in black and white.
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Director - Johnny Green

Johnny and Chris had worked together previously when Chris had supervised the 3D on a Sony commercial that Johnny was directing. This time he was brought on board to create in camera elements for a commercial following a photon’s eye view from the centre of the sun to earth. Chris and his team created new techniques specifically for the spot
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Director - Daniel Wolfe

Following on from their collaboration on the acclaimed Paolo Nutini music video for Iron Sky, Daniel called on Chris for his Hennessy commercial. The spot tells how in 1931 Auguste Piccard became the first explorer to reach the stratosphere. In 1960, his son Jacques became the first man to reach the deepest point of the ocean.
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‘Hennessy Trip’

As part of the Hennessy brief, we developed a visual event that was intended to be used as the transition from the father to son, from the atmosphere to the ocean. This became a standalone piece.
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Fluid Movie Clips
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October 2016 - Terrence Malick's 'Voyage of Time' is released in IMAX with imagery by Chris and Peter Parks
September 2016 - Chris collaborates with Henry Hobson on iPhone 7 film for Apple.
April 2016 - Daniel Wolfe again partners with Chris for his Hennessy commercial “A New Further”.
August 2015 - Chris develops new techniques for Johnny Green’s Photon - a commercial for NRG.
May 2015 - Chris and team complete filming for special effects sequence on upcoming feature ‘Gods of Egypt’ starring Gerard Butler and Geoffrey Rush.
14th August - 21st September 2014 - Chris Parks exhibiting at the Summer Exhibition at Castle Fine Art in Mayfair, London. More details
March 2015 - Daniel Wolfe’s Iron Sky music video for Paolo Nutini featuring segments by Chris, wins Jury prize at SXSW and four awards at the D&AD’s awards.
June 2014 - Chris Completes shoot for the New Paolo Nutini music video ‘Iron Sky’, directed by Daniel Wolfe. See the full video
November 2013 - Chris receives 3D awards for his work on Gravity at the International 3D society awards in Hollywood.