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Fluid Perspectives

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Fluid Perspectives

Fluid Art: Capturing Movement and Light
Chris has spent more than 30 years developing his unique brand of fluid painting. By incorporating a dizzying variety of media into a liquid medium, he captures the incredible interplay of motion and light that has become his hallmark. His creations, microscopic paintings that constantly change, are preserved at precisely the right moment through either photography or film using specially developed optics. Thanks to Chris's pioneering techniques, his art pieces are timelessly organic, completely compelling, and notably distinct in the modern art scene.
The Art of Small-Scale Creations
All the paintings are naturally occurring events that Chris creates in his studio using organic ingredients. Nothing is digitally enhanced and painstaking effort goes into ensuring the finished piece faithfully represents the colours that are visible at the time of capturing the painting or film. Organic particles are used to add a natural randomness to the flow and feel of the images and the pigments are chosen both for their look and for how they behave. The paintings only exist for a short time before they evolve into something different and the moment is gone.

About Us

Capturing Movement & Light

With a strong foundation in Engineering and Design, Chris has dedicated his career to the exploration of film and photography. His fluid paintings draw inspiration from the movement and dynamics of minuscule marine organisms encountered during his work as a natural history cameraman. His unique art has attracted the attention of numerous Hollywood filmmakers, and to Chris's involvement in films such as 'The Fountain' and 'The Tree of Life.'

Mastery in 3D & film

Chris's expertise expands beyond fluid art, encompassing Stereoscopic 3D photography and the supervision of 3D features. His impressive portfolio includes well-known films like 'Edge of Tomorrow,' 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,' the ground-breaking 'Gravity' and most recently the James Bond film 'No Time to Die'. He is also known for his work in VR and AR where he heads up the multi award-winning production company, Vision3.

A Legacy of Art & Innovation

Chris's artistic journey is deeply rooted in the work of his father, Peter Parks, a renowned cinematographer and Oscar winner. Together, they have ventured into the depths of the oceans, capturing awe-inspiring footage of Earth's most fascinating, `and arguably most important, creatures. The natural world's influence is unmistakable in Chris's fluid art, as he continues to develop completely novel imagery, even in the time of Visual Effects and AI.
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